Growing as apprentices of Jesus. Serving our communities and supporting and loving each other through all of life’s seasons.

Our King’s Community Groups meet during the week, every week. We encourage everyone at King’s to join a group. We understand that this isn’t always a possibility in some seasons of life, in which case we’d still love people to be connected to a group so they still receive support and love and have opportunity to grow as an apprentice of Jesus.

There are three main components to our King’s Community Groups:

Doing Life Together

It was never God’s intention for us to go through life alone. The Trinity is the perfect example of community! Our King’s Community Groups meet every week and aim to form true community. They are places to be intentional about loving each other well and where everyone feels they are supported. This is a community in which people can be authentic and accountable. This is a place of challenge, growth, nurture and love where a culture of honour is demonstrated and experienced.


We are excited to be using John Mark Comer’s resources from ‘Practising The Way’ in our whole church teaching and in our King’s Community Groups. The groups provide an opportunity to study and discuss the teachings from Sunday Gatherings in greater depth and to support each other as we incorporate the practices of Jesus into our everyday, 21st century lives.

Serving our Communities

We desire to be a church which impacts our local communities by serving together! Our King’s Community groups provide opportunity to go into our local communities to serve and bless, doing intentional acts of kindness together.


To join a group, contact:
or call: 01422 250872

Together, we can put into practice how to live and love like Jesus in our local communities.