and welcome. Kings Church Halifax is a multicultural family of all ages who share a common identity – a passion for Christ and his Kingdom. We love to love God and share that love within and beyond our community.

Join us in church!

Whether you are completely new to church, haven’t been for a while or looking for new connections we are excited to meet you. There are many opportunities to connect with Kings and we will be particularly pleased to greet you at our Sunday 10:30am service where you will find a warm welcome. As we join together in vibrant worship we wish to see all, young and old, engage with God’s presence. We enjoy sharing each other’s company following the meeting. Why not come and join us in the Kings Coffee house?

Paul McMahon

Senior Leader

Come join us this Sunday the 23rd February 2020 at 10:30 am to hear the message that God has placed on the heart of Associate Pastor Neil Deakin. Be nourished as Neil delivers what God has for us so we can reach out to others we meet in our daily lives who need that same nourishment too.

Yea hey hey it’s Pancake Day on Tuesday the 25th February 2020 here at King’s Church Café! Savoury or sweet you’ll find a taste bud treat or better still have both for your lunch or even brunch. Guaranteed to be more enjoyable than this attempt at rhyming! Please click here for opening times.

In those quieter moments, do you ever find your thoughts wandering beyond the day to day stuff? Alpha is for those who would like to explore the big questions of life, faith and meaning. Are you curious about Christianity? Then join us for a series of interactive sessions where you are free to express yourself, regardless how controversial. The sessions are held on a Monday evening commencing at 7:00 pm and as we know people lead busy lives we provide a meal where you can meet with others who would like to join in the conversation. The first session is on Monday 2nd March 2020. Please click here for further details.

An unmissable event for ladies as this Ladies Day hosts Marj Rossol based at All Nations Church in Leicester. Marj has an Apostolic and Prophetic role to churches across the UK and abroad.  No need to be a member of King’s Church. Bring yourself and friends along to this empowering event. For further details please click here.

Special Events
Regular Events


The Bible is our foundation. We recognize the opportunity we’ve been given to share His Word, and are committed to being faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

‘To be a church that welcomes the PRESENCE of God, sees the miraculous POWER of God in our daily lives and, as God’s PEOPLE, demonstrates His love to all.’

Welcoming In God’s Presence

God’s plan and desire from the beginning was to make His home here amongst mankind. Therefore, as a church we are committed to doing all we can in praise, worship and godly living to help create a place where the tangible, felt and experienced Presence of God is both actively desired and eagerly welcomed.

Taking Out God’s Power

Wherever the presence of God is so His power is available to be released to meet the needs of those who truly connect with it. Here at Kings we desire that His power to heal and bless is released in our meetings and also out in the communities wherever God’s people are to be found. Therefore, we look for opportunities to release Gods power to all who come in contact with us.

Living As God’s People

Our vision is taken from Acts 2 – the coming of His Spirit to be presenced amongst us; the release of Gods power to declare what Christ has done; and finally the gathering together of His people to be a true community of heaven here on earth. A people who love, care for and serve both each other and the world into which they have been placed.




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