Food & drink as warm as the welcome

King’s Coffee House is a sanctuary where the simple pleasures of life are celebrated.

Situated on the edge of Halifax town centre, attached to King’s Church building is our café which has been welcoming the local community for a number of years!

Whether you seek a quiet escape from the chaos of the outside world or a vibrant gathering place to connect with friends, King’s Coffee House offers a haven where the love of coffee and the joy of community converge.

Enjoy hot drinks, wonderful food and friendly faces 9:00am - 2:00pm Monday – Friday.

Pensioners’ Special

Every Monday and Thursday, pensioners can enjoy a hearty
3-course meal at the discounted price of £5.
These lunches are very popular and provide excellent food and the perfect setting to catch up with friends!


Experience the convenience, quality, and personalised touch of our in-house catering for your next event or private gathering.

King’s Coffee House has many years of experience in catering for different group sizes, both within King’s and for external parties or events – If you have any specific questions or need more information about King’s catering services, feel free to contact ‘Paula’ to discuss your requirements.

Room hire
at THE King's centre

Our building is used throughout the week by a variety of groups from King’s Church and by the community. We are able to offer rooms with varying seating capacities, P.A. and staff to ensure the technical side of things run smoothly, and catering options depending on your needs. We would welcome your enquiry if you’re interested in room hire.