King’s Church is, at its core, a group of people who are followers of Jesus. We are people from several countries of all ages and backgrounds who have made the person of Jesus central to all we are and seek to live in a way that honours him and shares his message of love and hope to those around us.

King’s believe that Jesus is the son of God

He lived on earth just over 2000 years ago and his message was radical, transformational and life changing to many who heard it both then and throughout history since. Jesus and his ragtag of followers were world-changers and they still are today! At the age of 33 the rulers of the time turned against Jesus and wanted to put a stop to the radical message he was bringing – so they had him murdered. As he hung on a cross – beaten and broken – he became the forgiveness for our sin, for all the mess and wrong of each and every person who will ever live. His death was not the end and three days later he was back – his death heralded the start of new life!

As 21st century followers of Jesus we are people who are living that new life today. We are people who recognise we have messed up, who have sinned, and need that forgiveness that Jesus still offers. We are a church who believe that Jesus is the way to God and making Jesus central to all we are, and living that out, is part of seeing God’s Kingdom come and God’s will be done on earth as in heaven.

King’s are a people who seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the part of God who lives in people bringing us to faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is constantly equipping, empowering, guiding, teaching, comforting, challenging and building us up to be a people of power and world-changers. We recognise that we need the Holy Spirit so we can be the people God has destined and purposed us to be!

King’s is a church who receive wisdom and understanding from the Bible

Often our times together will include discovering more about God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – through the books of the Bible. We also believe that the things we read about in the life of Jesus and the early church are things that can still happen today including miracles and healing.

King’s is a family

We are on this journey of faith and life together. We try to be there for one another, building one another up, championing each other on. We pray for one another and believe that prayer works!

King’s are a people of mission

A large part of who we are is about introducing the life-changing person of Jesus and his message of hope, peace, joy, love, life, forgiveness and restoration to others and communities. Part of that mission is to seek to bless communities – to celebrate the good of Calderdale, to believe it can be a borough of peace and prosperity where people and communities thrive.

King’s is part of the wider church

God is way bigger than our church family – he is working his purposes out in every church community of all styles and sizes! Whilst our worship is often informal and lively with a band, modern worship songs, open prayers, sharing stories of God at work, a down to earth and humorous message with times for ministry we also recognise the richness of other traditions and a multitude of styles that help people connect with God and his Kingdom.

King’s is a building

Our home on Park Road in Halifax (next to People’s Park) is where a lot of our activities happen but is also a place that is available to the wider community. We want to see our building be a place of community, a place of family, a place of networking, a place of learning, a place where all are welcome.

King’s is a church welcoming God’s presence, taking out God’s power and living as God’s people.