K.R. - Halifax - Healed of back spasms

I suffered regularly from back spasms. After receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms, Halifax, I can now twist and bend with no pain at all. Praise God!

R.S. - Halifax - Healed of a neck condition

I had a very painful neck condition, possibly a trapped nerve, which made any movement of my head very difficult. I had prayer and by the next morning the pain had disappeared.

P.R. - Halifax - Heaed of cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. God promised me, through my 4 1/2 year old son that I would be healed. 18 months later I was fully healed. I know I never was or never will be alone. God will always be there in all His glory.

M.A. - Power of Prayer

'I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord' Psalm 118:17. This was my declaration whilst I was in Leeds hospital being treated for stomach and cervical cancer. I had a large blood clot on top of my lung which was resting on my heart, my life expectancy had been estimated at only two days. During this time I had lost 3 stone in weight. After receiving prayer over a six week period, I knew there had been a change in my condition. My appetite returned and I felt as though I had got my life and my personality back along with my inner strength. I give God the glory for my deliverance.

J & E C. - Halifax - Safety

Our daughter Helen is travelling through Central America. I have prayed every day without fail for her safety and that an angel would travel with her. Last week she was trekking up a volcano in Nicaragua when she met a rattlesnake as she turned a corner. God was good, and He delivered her from the danger. Praise the Lord, she is safe and well!