Peter Hamlett

Love Came Down - 18th December 2016

Paul McMahon

What Did You Do With The Gift I Sent You? - 11th December 2016

Preached at our Christmas Guest Service this is a challenging message delivered around John 3:16. Here we find two major qualities about God - He is a lover and a giver. When you put those two together you have a powerful combination that can impact any life. As a lover and giver He gave us His most precious possession at that time, He gave us His one and only Son. But like the many Christmas presents we get, have we done with Jesus what we sometimes do with them? Find out what can sometimes be our response to Christmas gifts to make sure we don't do this with Jesus. He is waiting for us to fully unwrap Him to discover just how wonderful He really is. Have you done that? - if not let this message help you get there!

Paul McMahon

The Everlasting Father - 4th December 2016

Everyone of us has a name, it's what helps define us, it's what we answer to, it's how we are known. When Jesus walked the earth He was known by many different names, some good others bad. They called Him - blasphemer, deceiver and demonised. Others said He was John the Baptist or Elijah, others the Christ and on it goes. In Isaiah 9, one of His names is 'The Everlasting Father', a strange name for the Son of God. Find out what that means, why He is called that and how this affects you in a very positive way as you get to know just exactly who this child that is born and this son who is given to us truly is.

Paul McMahon

The Recipe For a Faith Filled Life: Ingredient 5 Don't Lose Hope - 13th November 2016

You can lose your youthful good looks, your hair or your figure and life can still go on. You can lose some money, a job or your keys and it isn't the end of life as we know it. But there are some things that if we lose them then we could be in for real challenges. One of those things that you really don't want to lose is your 'hope'. Here in this message you will discover some 'hope-snatches' - things that come to seek to steal this precious commodity. But the good news is there are also 'hope-bringers' - truths that help restore anything that has been robbed from you. Let this message help you reconnect with the hope you have in Jesus and watch your life turn around as you

Neil Deakin

Are We Family? - 6th November 2016

Cathy Madavan

Discover Your Hidden Treasures - 30th October 2016

What is hidden always shapes what we can see. Cathy Madavan encourages us to dig deeper and discover more of the life-transforming treasures of our identity, strength, character and purpose that God has already placed within us - right where we are.

Paul McMahon

The Recipe For a Faith Filled Life: Ingredient 4 Be Brave & Courageous - 23rd October 2016

There can be no real life of faith without these two component parts fully operating in our lives. Without some level of bravery and courage we are not going to experience all that true faith could take us into. One of the great challenges for us all is 'overcoming fear'. Fear is 'faith emptied and removed'. Listen to this message as it goes through some key insights in the David and Goliath story to discover how you can remove and eradicate fear out of your life and replace it with a confident, overcoming faith that will cause you to run at your Goliath and watch it come toppling down. A must for all who have determined to live a life of overcoming faith.

Paul McMahon

Worship: The Corporate Gathering - Tuesday 18th October 2016

Worship in the church can be found in small or homegroup meeting, prayer meetings and the larger gathered church times together. What are the different dynamics that we need to know in order to make these times more fruitful and relevant?

Paul McMahon

The Corporate Gathering - 16th October 2016

Cath Binns

Worship: The Intimate Heart - Tuesday 11th October 2016

Responding to the call to spiritual intimacy by overcoming the barriers of sin, shame, rejection and the orphan spirit. A must for all who want to go deeper with God.

Paul McMahon

The Recipe For a Faith Filled Life: Ingredient 3 Be Entwined As One With The Lord - 9th October 2016

Sure sounds a mouthful - 'Entwined as one with the Lord.' What has that to do with living a life of faith? Entwined as a rope is one of the ways of translating - wait upon the Lord which is an integral part of experiencing life changing faith. Discover 4 key ways to stay truly entwined as one with Jesus and how through those keys your faith can come to a whole new place as you hear His voice, experience His love, re-discover His joy and step into a whole new realm of obedience. He is your life, and Jesus and your relationship to Him, is the key that will help you achieve great things for your God.

Paul McMahon

Praise: The Shout of The King - Tuesday 4th October 2016

A four week series as part of our Equipping and Training series. Equipped to be truly the worshippers that God is looking for. For all those who seriously want to encounter God afresh, get to know Him at a deeper level and to overflow with His love in their lives.
Learning how to identify with the conquering Christ and bringing the sound of His victory into the house in order to see captives freed, prisoners released and the Kingdom coming in power.

Paul McMahon

The Glorious Invitation - 2nd October 2016

Paul McMahon

The Recipe For a Faith Filled Life: Ingredient 2 Don't Don't Be Impatient - 11th September 2016

Do you ever get fretful, restless or impatient as you are waiting for God to do for you what He said He would, this is certainly true for most of us! Faith in order to receive its promise often has to 'endure'. Not everything comes immediately! Here in this message are some very real helps to keep your spirit strong as you press on to possess the promises because unless we can cultivate true patience the danger is we may well quit even when the answer is literally on its way. May this help you stay strong in patience as you wait for your faithful God to bring the answer you've been seeking.

Paul McMahon

The Recipe For a Faith Filled Life: Ingredient 1 Don't Give Up - 4th September 2016

This new bible translation called 'The Passion Translation' gives a powerful interpretation to Psalm 27:14. It reads: Here's what I've learned through it all: don't give up; don't be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave, courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting - for He will never disappoint you! Here are find 5 keys to cultivate, grow and develop a true and real life of faith. Listen over the next few messages how you, like King David of old, can experience for yourself a 'faith-filled life'. This first one deals with that challenge we all face at some time in our walk with God - the overwhelming desire to throw in the towel, call it a day and simply 'give up'. Don't ever even think it! God is with you no matter how tough it might be right now and He will help you to discover that - great faith is the product of great fights, great testimonies come from great tests and great triumphs can only come out of great trials. Whatever you do - don't give up!

Paul McMahon

The Bride From His Side - 28th August 2016

Jeff Crabtree

How Much More Would Your Father Give? - 21st August 2016

Paul Blakey

Come Follow Me - 7th August 2016

Paul McMahon

What's the Big Issue - 31st July 2016

Paul McMahon

The Outpouring: Bring Me One More Vessel - 24th July

Bringers and pourers, the church needs both if it is to grow and become fruitful in reaching others. Here is a widow who has gone from despair, emptiness and nothing to seeing the glory of God operating in her own home so that now she is hungry for revival as she cries out 'bring me one more vessel'. Is that you? If not, let this message challenge you to create a 'house of glory' for God to use to bring blessings to those around you.

Paul McMahon

The Outpouring: The School of the Supernatural - 17th July

Here we find two-worlds colliding, the widows world of loss, lack, little, futility and hopelessness and Elisha's world of blessing, abundance, supply and more than enough. Learn how he schools her from her place of emptiness into the fullness of blessing recognising that God wants to do the same for us as we go through and are successful in His school of supernatural ministry.

Paul McMahon

The Outpouring: Breaking off Loss and Lack - 10th July

Here is a widow who, like Cinderella of old, encounters two ugly sisters called loss and lack. They've come to rob her of her destiny, her resources and her life and as such she is in poverty and helplessness. Find out how a prophetic word from a man of God can suddenly bring an end to loss and lack and turn any situation around into great blessing. Are you facing those ugly sisters? Then take time to listen and see what instruction God is giving you for your breakthrough.

Peter Hamlett

The Indescribable Love of our Indescribable God - 3rd July

Peter Hamlett invites us to try to describe the extent of the universe and the God who created it all. He acknowledges that we are bound to fail but, although we cannot understand, we can experience and embrace the love of this indescribable God in and through the gift of His Son. O the wonder of His grace!

Paul McMahon

Where Did God Put His X - 26th June

70+ million crosses have been placed on a vote that is now going to change so much, but where did God put His X? Listen to this message to find out and to realise the cross that God placed was the single most seismic event in the whole of human history. It was the moment everything changed, and from now on we are given the opportunity to respond as to whether we are in or out!
Where Did God Put His X PowerPoint

Paul Clift

Praying in Tongues - 19th June

Praying in Tongues PowerPoint

Paul McMahon

The Truth Will Set You Free - 12th June

What is truth? A question asked by someone who never waited for an answer. Jesus came to bring truth that would set us free and bring us into the reality of 'who God is and who we are'. The discovery of these truths are what make us truly free. Listen to this and then embrace the reality of what Jesus wants you to enjoy and live in.

Paul Clift

Prayer It's Easy - 5nd June

Prayer It's Easy PowerPoint

Paul McMahon

The Fire of God - 22nd May

Pentecost - the day when the church and those who are in it truly become 'the light of the world'. Tongues of fire appeared and remained on each one. These tongues became 'tongues of illumination' bringing light to the individual, to the church and to the world. Let this message challenge you again to re-connect with that gift of tongues and how you can become a tongue of illumination in the place where God has planted you.

Paul McMahon

The Breath of God - 15th May

Pentecost - what was the purpose of that unique and incredible moment. It was to launch a prepared people with both a heavenly wind and fire to fulfil their divine mandate to bring Jesus into their world by sharing what they had seen and heard. Every life begins with breath, continues with breath and finishes when breath stops. So it is with the church, as long as the breath of God is blowing so the church will keep moving. Are you full of the breath of God? If not, here's how to stay full.

Simon Brenchley

Love One Another - 8th May

Love One Another PowerPoint

Jim White

Past Tense - 1st May

Jim White from Spokane USA followed on his messages from the Healing Conference. Giving thanks to the father who has qualified us. You have been delivered, qualified and redeemed. Don't tell me what the devil is doing for you. Tell me what Jesus is doing for you. He's taking you from faith to faith to glory to glory from levels to levels, higher and higher. You've been forgiven of all your sins: passed, today and in the future. If you hear it twice or more it lodges.

Paul McMahon

What Is He Worth? - 24th April

Everything in our world has a value, some things are almost worthless, others beyond price! Jesus at one point in his ministry was valued and the valuation covered quite a range. To the religious world and a betrayer - 30 pieces of silver; the price of a slave. To His disciples - certainly not a year's wage! To a true worshipper - the most expensive thing she possessed. What is Jesus worth to you and are you giving Him His true value?

Hungering For The Glory

Dawn Walker - 17th April

Many are looking to see ever greater manifestation of God in their lives, but could there be a problem? Ezekiel the prophet introduces us to a people of two worlds; one that on the surface looked good, looked like they really wanted God; and the other, living with sin and idolatry. Which is you? Listen and be prepared to deal with anything that could be hindering the Lord from truly flowing through your life.

Paul McMahon

What Are You Looking At? - 10th April

What is currently capturing your attention? What is filling the horizons of your world? Is it problems, challenges, sickness and trails? If it is, then these are going to continually shape you and the way you live. How about making a re-adjustment? The Bible tells us as we gaze upon the glory of the Lord we are being changed, transformed into someone completely new and different. What are you looking at and do you need to re-align your vision to gaze upon Jesus, the glory of God, and start to see great change taking place in your life?

Paul McMahon

The King Is Coming - 20th March

They celebrated, rejoiced and truly welcomed Jesus the King into Jerusalem - and then discovered what it means to have Jesus the King enter their world. The money-changers; the bad boys of the Bible started out as a legitimate ministry but sadly things got so messed up that God got lost somewhere in His own house. Got some money changers in your world, some outer courts that need cleansing? Is there anything in your life that is stopping others from having a God encounter through you? Then this message is for you! Let the king take full control, let Him remove everything in the outer courts and then watch as others are powerfully blessed through you.

Paul Clift

Firm Foundation Part 2 - 13th March

A practical demonstration of Ho to read the Word of God and apply it to our lives personally. Changing the personal pronouns to 'me' and 'my' in Psalm 103v1-5 so it impacts our spirit, soul and body.
Firm Foundation PowerPoint

Paul Clift

Firm Foundation Part 1 - 6th March

The Word of God must be the foundation of our lives. It is creative and governs what we believe. It is not just knowledge but must be lived in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Word Foundation PowerPoint

Paul McMahon

Attracting The Blessings of God: Unity - The People Who Got It Right - 21st February

True spiritual unity is a powerful force that God both loves and has promised a unique blessing upon it. Discover how the early church received the grace of God, worked with the grace of God and then lived under an abundant outpouring of the grace of God. With God there are no exclusion zones, His blessings are available to all who line up with His purposes.

Paul McMahon

A Life With No Lack - 14th February

God promised through Jeremiah 29 that He had plans for us and that plan involves the restoring of our fortunes. Sadly many Christians are not aware of what was lost and also the rich inheritance that's theirs in Christ. Come and discover how through sowing and reaping, a purposed heart and cheerful giving you can say goodbye to lack - forever.

Paul McMahon

Attracting The Clouds Of Blessing 2: Unity - The People Who Got It All Wrong - 31st January

Genesis 11 tells the story of a people who discovered a great sense of oneness of purpose but tragically as far as heaven was concerned failed on every count. They settled when they should have kept going, built with all the wrong materials, they wanted a city instead of a house; they tried to get to heaven on their own terms and looked for a name for themselves. Mistakes we could easily make, listen for this message to check out that what you are building in your own life and that it aligns with heaven's design.

Paul McMahon

Attracting The Clouds of Blessing - 24th January

God has made a tremendous promise in Isaiah 44, 'I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground'. Is there anything we can do individually or as a church that so positions us to be those upon whom the Lord can clearly pour out those floods of blessing? Listen to this message, take on board what you hear, get into agreement with God and let Him flood your life with even greater manifestations of His love and goodness.

Paul McMahon

The Floods: What Can We Learn - 17th January

Halifax and the whole Calderdale area became the recipient of a massive downpour that consequently led to incredible flooding across the whole region. What happens in the natural world often has a spiritual counterpart. Find the key principles from the flooding and then see how they can be used to powerfully bless you or your church. When these are activated you are going to see incredible demonstrations of the glory of God taking place in your world.

John Warren

Blessing - 10th January

Ever wanted to know how to receive the blessings of God. Listen to John Warren, Pastor of Northern Lights Church and find the answer.

Peter Hamlett

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Near - 3rd January

Peter Hamlett looks back to Christmas and the celebration of the turning point of history when BC became AD. He then looks forward to Epiphany when liturgical churches commemorate not only the visit of the Wise Men but also the baptism of Jesus. John the Baptist was a man with one message 'Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near'.

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