Paul McMahon

Trusted with a Treasure - 6th December 2015

What are the most precious things that you possess. Your life, health, marriage partner, children, money, jewels etc. God's greatest treasure was His Son; and in seeking to bring Him into this world He needed to find someone He could trust with His treasure! What has He given you, what gifts, what insights, what blessings, can He trust you with them in order to give you ever more treasure? Listen and learn how to be a true treasure box for God so that your life like Mary's becomes a source of heavenly blessing in a needy world.

Peter Hamlett

The Spirit and the Bride say 'Come' - 29th November 2015

On the first Sunday in Advent Peter Hamlett does not look forward to our celebration of the first coming of Jesus but rather to His return when the Church will become The Bride of Christ. What does the Bridegroom expect to see in His Bride? Peter suggests that the two essential characteristics ate PURITY and UNITY.

Paul McMahon

Who Do You Say You Are? - 22nd November 2015

A simple but powerfully challenging question! Ever been asked - 'and who are you?' What do we say - our name is the most usual reply - but is that who you really are. Listen to his message and discover if you are one who could truly answer that question with - 'I am the disciple who Jesus loves'. What is a disciple and do I truly know and live as one whom Jesus loves? When these truths grab our lives then the answer to the question - who do you say that you are takes on a whole different meaning.

Paul McMahon

Who are you? Where do you live? - 15th November 2015

Memory loss can be funny, frustrating or seriously debilitating. It's the same in our spiritual life; to not know who you really are, and to not know where you really live can have major consequences on your life in God. Let this message help you reconnect with those two important factors in your life - who you are and where you live!

Simon Brenchley

Hearing God On The Right Frequency - 8th November 2015

Static, distortion, interruptions and not getting the right connection can all conspire together in hindering us from hearing whatever it is that is being communicated. How often God is broadcasting His message only to find the Church is not quite 'picking up the signal'. Let this word challenge you to remove all hindrances so that you are one of those to whom the message is getting through 'loud and clear!'

Deo Musoke

How To Transform Your World and Become a Watchman - 18th October 2015

Deo Musoke leads a major intercessory ministry in Kampala, Uganda. God has used him over many years to help lead the nation in transformational prayer. Here, Deo is giving us some valuable keys to see kingdom change and kingdom transformation take place in our personal lives, in the church and in our communities. A must hear message for all who desire to see heaven on earth!

Ken Hepworth

Prayer for Israel - 4th October 2015

Ken Hepworth speaking on the prayer for Israel.

Paul McMahon

Get Ready, He Is Coming - 27th September 2015

Paul McMahon

Glory Is In The Arena - 20th September 2015

Are you ready to get up and leave the spectators bench and to get involved? Listen to this message and discover how someone just like you discovered what it is to walk in the miraculous realm of God and found that the true glory is in the area of conflict.

Ricky Leonard

How To Receive Your Healing - 13th September 2015

Ricky a guest speaker from the US speaks on how to receive your healing and how to walk in the abundance of God.

Jeff Crabtree

The Holiness of God - 23rd August 2015

God calls us to be holy and distinct from the world. Jesus demonstrated the way to holiness is through pursuing oneness with the Farther through the Holy Spirit.

Don Latham

Igniting The Fire of Revival - 16th August 2015

Paul Clift

Showing The Love of The Father - 9th August 2015

Exploring some of the ways Jesus demonstrated the Father's love and an exhortation for us to show the Father's love to others. Listen and be inspired on how to follow in the same ways.

Paul McMahon

Awestruck By The Catch - 2nd August 2015

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - Dream Big - 19th July 2015

Always remember to dream big.

Steve Elliott

Dedication Is What You Need - 12th July 2015

Steve Elliott talks about not giving up on something when you think it is all over.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - The Strategy For The Harvest Part 3 - 5th July 2015

Paul McMahon continues to speak on Strategy For The Harvest. This is part of the ongoing series Entering A New Season.

Peter Hamlett

You Should Have Asked For More - 21st June 2015

Jesus promises that anything we ask in His name He will do. But is it as simple as that? The answer is no because there is a vital condition. Only when we abide in Jesus and his word abides in us can we confidently expect that God will do what we ask him to do.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - The Strategy For The Harvest Part 2 - 14th June 2015

Continuing in the series "Entering A New Season" Paul McMahon follows on from last weeks message with part 2. He talks about not becoming lazy and finding excuses or "lions" for doing something that you have been called to do.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - The Strategy For The Harvest - 7th June 2015

Following on in the series Entering A New Season, Paul McMahon with a message about strategies a good harvest on your self. He demonstrates that our bodies are like a God's company car and we have to look after them in order to live longer and do more for God.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - A Pure and Healed Heart- 31st May 2015

Paul McMahon continues his message on Entering A New Season with another great and powerful teaching called A Pure and Healed Heart.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - Cultivating A Spirit of Wisdom - 24th May 2015

Many of us are educated and most go onto higher education. In this message we discover that Joseph went to the 'University of Restriction' and came out of it a man ready to rule this world. Is that where you are today: then let God show how great wisdom can come from a very difficult time.

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - Handling The Abundance Of God - 17th May 2015

Who in your world right now could you entrust your greatest treasures to - usually not just anybody. God is looking for those who have a faithful character and as such can handle greater blessings that they already have. Is that you?

Paul McMahon

Entering A New Season - Breaking a Prison Mentality - 10th May 2015

Joseph has spent 13 years in an imprisoned place when suddenly the call to a new breakthrough comes. He uses three key things that release him from his past season and prepares him for this new one. If this is where you are, get ready for your breakout by learning the things that Joseph did.

Paul McMahon

Releasing The Power Within - 3rd May 2015

A 'car battery' is usually in one of four conditions: fully charged, drained, leaking or dead and the only way to find out is by putting demand upon it. When one of those is you, this will help you to get fully charged and be fully functioning.

Hannah Brenchley

Leap of Faith - 26th April 2015

Hannah and The Next Generation Youth Group show how it is important to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. They use a flash mob to demonstrate this and then follow with the communion.

Maged Kalta

Hope - 12th April 2015

Maged Kalta is the guest speaker from YWAM Nuneaton. Maged has turned the world with a message of Gods live and greatness. Let this message inspire you to believe for more and receive more.

Paul McMahon

Greatest Day In History - 5th April 2015

In preparation for the Easter Sunday baptism, Paul McMahon talks about what different people see as the greatest day in history.

Paul McMahon

Everyone Is Looking For Jesus - 8th March 2015

It's hard to believe that a record company would reject the world's greatest pop group - but it happened. Even now many people are rejecting a Jesus they don't know or understand. When you really know who he is, everything inside you says "that's who I have been looking for all my life". Have you found him?

Paul McMahon

The Cost of an Outpouring - 1st March 2015

There are very few of Gods children who don't want to see revival, great blessing a rich outpouring of Gods Spirit that changes lives at transformed cities. But it comes at a cost - are we prepared to pay it? Find out from this message if you see it, want it and will go after it.

Paul McMahon

Uzziah Must Go - 22nd February 2015

The great prophet Isaiah had a heavenly encounter in the year King Uzziah died. Uzziah - a man of mixture, looked good but had many unhealed areas of his life. As we get rid of mixture from our lives let us get ready to receive fresh encounters with the God of heaven.

Paul McMahon

Synchronise Our Watches - 15th February 2015

"What time is it Mr Wolf?" The answer could have a profound effect upon your future! Your time has come - get ready - make sure your spiritual watch is on the same time as heaven and get ready for God to use you.

Paul McMahon

The Results of Obedience - 25th January 2015

Pastor Paul McMahon talks about the result of obedience this week. Using Mark 1 v9-13 he shows how things happen after the act of obedience.

Paul McMahon

A Prophetic Sound For 2015 - The Passion Of The Christ - 18th January 2015

If you saw the film it was sure to make a deep and lasting impact on you. In John 7 we find Jesus is equally passionate in satisfying the spiritual thirst of every person in the planet. Listen and find out how you can have your thirst quenched as 'rivers of living water' flow out of you.

Paul McMahon

A Prophetic Sound For 2015 - Gathered To A Promise - 11th January 2015

The early church experienced a dramatic outpouring of the Spirit of God that literally 'turned the world upside down'. Find out what they gathered with that made such a huge impact in their world and see what God will do for you.

Paul McMahon

A Prophetic Sound For 2015 - The One Thirsty Soul - 4th January 2015

God is searching the earth for someone who wants him more than anything else in life. In Isaiah 44 we discover that just one thirsty soul has the ability to herald a move of God that can literally transform people and places overnight. Listen to the message and get ready for God to shower your world with blessing.

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